Who am I

I am guide & coach specialized in emotion management.

Having been a victim of my own emotional states since childhood, I decided to go in search of myself. Overwhelmed by uncertainties but determined, I wanted to decode the strength and messages of my emotions.

« There was the before and after. A frightening and frustrating front end. My emotions had the power to cause chaos in me, it was exhausting. So discouraged by this feeling of going in circles and trapped in myself, I was unable to carry out my projects to the end because my enthusiasm and dynamics fluctuated so much. I was carrying my burden alone and in silence, with my ball in my stomach, I was desperate to find my place on Earth one day. The image I was sending back to myself didn’t suit me, so I decided that I could certainly do better and more with myself.

That’s how I embarked on the next step: I rebuilt and reprogrammed everything in my thoughts surroundings, my feelings interpretations, awaking myself. I was stubborn and my life gradually changed. Today it is fluid, with ever more peace and inner harmony in all situations. But above all, it is an emotionally stable life and we all deserve it  »

After graduating from art school, I went to work in Brazil and then in the United States. Pushing the frontiers of the unknown to the extreme, I left everything to explore another version of the world: the teachings of SN Goenka’s Vipassana, the ascent of the Annapurna and that of Sacred Mount Kailash. Alongside monks, I participated in the restoration of the frescoes of the Dirapuk Gompa monastery.

7 years later, back in France, I dedicated herself to painting and my pictorial work became an echo of the 5 elements. During this period, I immersed myself in the world of science and spirituality and naturally created my first method of personal development through art therapy: the EaZy Painting method.

From 2014 to 2017, I became Aura-Médiator™, a practitioner in Spiritual Hypnosis and a member of the Resonance Academy (Nassim Haramein).

In 2018 I created Pur & Lux and helped people overwhelmed by their emotions to reprogram themselves, transcend themselves and transform their potential into reality.