Who am I

 » Elisabeth, 45 years old, a painter and energy practitioner, is connected to the infinitely small and the infinitely large. She plunges unrestrainedly into the depths of the universe to find creative energy. Listening to her intuition, she connects with the waves that circulate and with the essence of being. She lets her hands go spontaneously, flowing, to create and heal. »

Muskhane Spirit

I was born in 1972 in Paris After spending a few years in Brazil and the United States, I left for Southeast Asia. There I discovered and followed the teachings of SN Goenka: « 10 days of Noble silence », the Vipassana Meditation. I lived in the heights of the Himalayas trekking around the Annapurna. Dived in the midst of dancing giant manta rays in the depths of the Andaman Sea … Climbed Sacred Mount Kailash during the pilgrimage of the Kora in Tibet at more than 4,900 meters. At the foot of the sacred mountain, at the Dirapuk Gompa monastery, I meditated hours stretched in a sublime Himalayan space scattered in the clouds. I engaged in restoring alongside a Buddhist monk the frescoes on the walls and ceilings. Hence the sources of my creativity. My pictorial and energetic
work is an echo to these arabesques of air, water, earth, fire … I regained my connections, reshaped my beliefs and shaped new horizons of thoughts… Planning of my pictorial & energy universe. International Exhibition, Prize Friends of the Fall Exposition 2013 Paris. Meanwhile I create The Method EaZy Painting : Method of artistic expression and personal development. 2014 I became Aura-Mediator™ Certificate for Aura Transfomation™ healing, a radical well-being care, cleaning of the aura, alignment with new Indigo and Crystal energies AuraTransformation™ © Anni Sennov / Denmark. 2017 I Certified Spiritual Hypnosis Practitioner, previous lives regression & Entre-Vie InstitutInternational d’HypnoseSpiritual © Jean-Charles Chabot / Canada. Joined as a member, the Academy of Sciences & Spirituality – The Resonance Academy © Nassim Haramein / USA