AuraTransformation ™




AuraTransformation™ is a new healing in France. Its a beautiful tool for those who want to increase their power, energy frequency in synchrony with the world’s new energy. Its a deep clean-up of your electro-magnetic field.

Recovering confidence, self power, inner potential

Disable emotional obstacles

Stabilize your emotion

Release toxic attachment and connections

Freedom from addiction

Smooth relationships & communication

You will be able to create and manage your inner balance. you will be adjusted to the energies and frequencies of current vibrations in which your children involve with the greatest easiness. By participating harmoniously to this flow of energy your communication will be clear and appropriate. Follow some testimonials.

Therefore, naturally and gracefully, you will manage your difficulties, take your decisions, make your choices, stay focus and take your own strong power back.

AuraTransformation™ was founded and established by Anni Senior in Denmark in 1996. Anni works on a daily basis with all Aura Mediators™ training instructors in many countries across Europe, United States, Japan …

An Aura Transformation session is not about curiosity, it is an investment in oneself at all levels, it asks of you a responsible and sincere commitment because you are the centerpiece and actor of your own life session.


I’ll do my best to offer you an unforgettable experience.

Brief description of the sessions, 1st session of 3h00:

✣ CLEANING, recovery, defragmentation protocol, rituals of forgiveness, sharing, separation, awareness, gratification…

✣ UPDATE of your vibration rate and connections to the NEW energies

✣ CONDENSATION of your new Aura

We make a break of few hours or half day then starts the 2nd session of 2h00:

✣ Debriefing

✣ Consolidation and protection of your auric field

✣ Advices & guidance in order to learn how to « maintaining » your energy.

An Aura Transformation session cannot replace under any circumstances a medical care, psychiatric treatment or other ongoing medical follow-up in progress or if strongly recommended. The Aura Transformation sessions may be used along with a medical treatment in progress on condition of the agreement of your practicing doctor.

An AT is an investment & a personal commitment.

– Divided over 2 sessions of 2 h30 each.

– Rate → 350 € for 2 sessions

Channeling your energy is a learning experience for everyone.

Besides coming to perform a well-being session I will also offer you the keys to become autonomous. You can reserve your appointment now by clicking on the link

I am in Monaco and the surroundings Nice Côte d’Azur on a daily basis

Travel in France & neighboring countries can be easily scheduled and accommodated. Do not hesitate to contact me to propose your suggestions or share your doubts, together we will find the best solutions.