This well-being session helps you gather your energy and be connected. You feel standing in the « sky-earth » verticality axis, finding centered in your place, being right in the heart of your universe.

Are you forced to make choices, to take important decisions, finding yourself in dense, painful, conflicting situations?

This well-being session oxygenates your horizon in order to sharpen your intuition and perception.

Alignment is a dynamic source. It offers a powerful foundation and increases its field of presence in its surrounding, regaining its strength, legitimacy, power and confidence.


Well being session that consists in structuring and strengthening its energy protection, free yourself from interferences, adjust and refine the cleaning of your aura field.

Engage and develop the crystallization process. You unfold your consciousness and its awakens in your daily habits, infiltrating your pre-concieved ideas, your education, your beliefs, your vision of your future. You build your own eco-system and you achieve what I call the stage of Permaculture …


Holistic session that raises the energy frequencies of your electro-magnetic field.

It is particularly suitable as an energy enhancement while facing a major issue or disease.

Fit for teenagers & children in need of reinforcement, self-confidence and concentration.

Magnetism will offer you a moment of luminous comfort, possibly cleaning chemical particles present due to medical treatments and/or psychic particles in different levels of your body.

It is a gentle care that brings light and comfort.


Together we undertake a communication to validate the diagnostic information prior to starting an analysis.

Silence may be necessary in a process of very quick and dense telepathic information.

It is important that we have confidence in our exchanges, without apprehension or judgment.

→ I offer you the best of my abilities, a session of well-being, inner peace, energizing and shining.

The well-being energy sessions cannot replace under any circumstances a medical care, psychiatric treatment or other ongoing medical follow-up in progress or if strongly recommended. The well-being energy sessions may be used along with a medical treatment in progress on condition of the agreement of your practicing doctor.

Channeling your energy is a learning experience for everyone.

Besides coming to perform a well-being session I will also offer you the keys to become autonomous. You can reserve your appointment now by clicking on the link

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I am in Monaco and the surroundings Nice Côte d’Azur on a daily basis

Travel in France & neighboring countries can be easily scheduled and accommodated

Remote care available Via SKYPE

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