Spiritual Hypnosis


Treat yourself to a unique experience

Hypnosis is especially relevant for those who are concerned by their inner improvement, deploying their awareness and cooperating with humanity. Along with the International Institute of Hypnosis Method from Canada I run the session with professional healing knowledge.

Most noteworthy is the respect of beliefs and background of each person. Understanding that mind, body, and soul are interconnected, it’s truly powerful to treat the emotional root of pain, anger, frustration, patterns, depression … Each personal challenge carries a specific meaning that needs to be solved, forgave or transmuted. Through hypnosis people can access to memories and free themselves or even empower them in their actual life.

Hypnosis facilitates your understanding of the meaning of your challenge and will teach you an accurate perspective of life, a new appreciation of your true yourself.

Hypnosis will always works at the right level for the case being treated: no more, no less.

First of all you may feel the need to:

– Understand some repetitive patterns, family, ancestral memories

– Bypass obstacles, eliminating fears

– Free addictions

– Solve relational problems

– Overcome a mourning

Explore your spiritual self, clarify your life mission


Any kind of stress, insomnia or emotional challenged state can be drive through out  an hypnosis. This journey will turn to be a key that you will be able to use and activate at anytime in your daily routine in order to find inner piece.


Through Regression Therapy you reach and uncover the source of your challenge (choc, tragedy, traumatize, patterns conscious or unconscious). That source may had happened in your current life during childhood or prenatal experience.

In a regression into previous lives your higher consciousness connects you to past events, knowledge, emotions that have a powerful repeating effect on your current present life. Going through past-life, you understand within strong events or dramatic situation such  as abandonment, poverty, murder, slavery, torture, responsibilities … the direct correlation to your current-life challenges as obsessions, insecurity, guilt, low self-estime, unexplained pain in your body or any other feeling amongst many.

This experience enriches you with meaningful and sometimes crucial information. It helps to speed up your harmonization and release process. It gives you a chance to free yourself.


During a regression in the intervals, you connect with your Spirit Guide, Messenger, Spirit Guide, your soul group.  You are able to meet and ask questions if its appropriated, understand your spiritual plan in your present life.

Between Lives Spiritual Regression you reach a high vibrational, very spiritual connection and experience an other type of inner journey. You understand more about yourself and your life purpose as spiritual beings.

An exploration of the interiors allows you to access insightful information from multidimensional universes. It is a luminous experience helping to refine your intuitions and unfold your consciousness.

Introduce problem first and then solutions will appears. Writing down your challenges and objectives is highly recommended.

Contrary to a widespread idea that hypnoses is a form of unconscious sleep, the hypnotized is fully awake and conscious. Hypnosis allows to focus the attention and access to deeper information.

The person keeps full control of his/her physical and mental abilities, and is interacting with the therapist at all times. Spiritual hypnosis is detached from any creed or religion, but has to be considered as a sacred approach. Featured at International Institute of Spiritual Hypnosis from Canada.


→ Comfortably installed, in a spirit of cooperation, I guide you towards the regression of previous lives, which takes place in several stages to refine your receptivity, to activate your inner perceptions and be in a modified state of consciousness. Then travelling through the flow of your experiences, I lead you into your journey with some questions. I use many spiritual tools from my different knowledge that improved strongly the healing treatment and the connections with your issue.

An Hypnosis session cannot replace under any circumstances a medical care, psychiatric treatment or other ongoing medical follow-up in progress or if strongly recommended. The Hypnosis sessions may be used along with a medical treatment in progress on condition of the agreement of your practicing doctor.

I am focused on helping to resolve your issues.

It’s a really consistent journey out of time. Each one has its own density, intensity, its unique perception. An inner journey can’t be compare to an other one. Follow some testimonials.

  • Price are 70 €/hr, a session takes 2 hours.

I am in Cap d’Ail Monaco and the surroundings: Nice Côte d’Azur on a daily basis.

Travel in France & neighboring countries can be easily scheduled and accommodated

Remote care available Via SKYPE

Do not hesitate to contact me to propose your suggestions, share your doubts, make questions … together we will find the best solutions.